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   We specialize in repairing church steeples and church roofing. Our 30 year experience with historical preservation aids us in handling stone repair, architectural element creation, structural integrity repair, and roofing.

   We are highly trained and licensed with multiple certifications in rope access, fall safety, tower climbing, and steeplejack. We are also a master roofer. In addition to certifications, we utilize our height and challenging rope access skills every day, refining, improving, and building our experience so that we will be at the top of our profession for your historical church project.

   The love of heights and an intrinsic love for architecturally significant historical masterpieces are what propel us each and every day.


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Working at height involves a wide range of materials and experience. Often projects are unique to the point they are one of a kind. We do the research needed, then apply our long history of experience with similar applications to tackle projects most contractors cannot entertain.
We not only repair church steeples, but we also repair towers, turrets and domes.




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We love to work at heights. We are also natural engineers. We are craftsmen who apply our natural and learned skills to your at height project.

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20025 Charleston St
Highland Park, Mi. 48203






20025 Charleston St
Highland Park, Mi. 48203


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Taking a scenic shot of church roofs in Detroit