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Sign Removal

We remove signs. Our very specialized lift and crane enable us to remove roof top signs, wall signs, and free-standing signs. 

Signs mounted on roofs require special skills and equipment to remove. We have removed many such signs quickly and safely for our customers.

Wall signs can be tricky for those not experienced. They shift unexpectedly as bolts are being removed. We took down lots of wall signs in our career. 

Freestanding signs can be large and heavy. Once they are down they need to be hauled away. We have just the right truck to complete that task. 

So, if you have a sign you want to be removed, please call Detroit Steeplejack.


Having the Right Equipment

It doesn't matter how skilled you are, if you have the right equipment you will be better equipped to complete your task. We at Detroit Steeplejack, have our own lift and crane. They enable us to easily take your sign down to the ground where it can be processed properly. Sign removal thus becomes easy and quick.

Our having the right equipment saves our customer money. We are on the job site for a shorter period of time. That means fewer man-hours. We can avoid obstructing your business. And of course, this all leads to a safer work environment when removing your sign.

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