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Church Steeple Repair

Our number one expertise is repairing church steeples. We have over 30 years of experience overcoming their challenges. Often steeples suffer from structural failures, the wood starts to rot, metal cladding becomes loose and separates, the cross is tilting, or paint is simply peeling. It is likely we have had much experience repairing the issue you are experiencing.

Wood Damage from Rot

Steeples can rot and decay with time. Observers often do not realize there is even a problem until extensive damage has taken place, due to distances and height. The problem with rot is it creates an opening for water to enter deeper into the steeple structure, creating unseen damage that affects the structural integrity, as well as the structure outer boards are attached to. The best remedy is not always replacement. Removing old wood can damage permanently other wood structures in ways that never can be fully resolved. We have the carpentry skills if that is needed. However, often we can fabricate utilizing the same existing boards, by using wood bonding fillers and wood rot fillers. We have the experience to know the best approach for your church.


Steeple painting
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