Repair, paint, structure, and roofing.

We have 30 years experience overcoming the challenges with church steeples. We can repair many structural issues that require our long term experience. Even to this day, many structural issues are unique in their own way, requiring us to learn and add to our repair method repertoire. Our extensive experience enables us to apply methods in a manner achieving long term, reliable remedies.
Steeples can rot and decay with time. Observers often do not realize there is even a problem until extensive damage has taken place, due to distances and height. We can repair whatever your steeple issues are.
We install roofs and roof repairs on steeples several times a year. If a leak is your issue, we can help.
Painting steeples requires not just a paint, but a paint system. The brutal elements of much higher winds, moisture penetration, and extreme UV exposure, all lead to existing surfaces that are in dire need. Bonding, primers, and the most durable paints made are required for such projects. After all, when work exists 100 feet off the ground, you want it to last a couple decades.
Please contact us for your church steeple repair needs.

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