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Church Dome Restoration


Cracks in your dome joints? Paint deteriorating? Is water leaking through the roof? When you need church dome restoration services, Detroit Steeplejack has the experienced professionals you need to get the job done. Domes are some of the most unique and iconic architectural designs for a church or any building, and it is important to maintain them properly so that they remain beautiful and uncompromised.


The most common problems that church domes encounter are cracks and joint separation, which can lead to several additional issues, including water leaks or weakening of the structural integrity. The sooner these issues are fixed, the better the dome will look and function. Fortunately, Detroit Steeplejack offers many church dome repair services for whatever problem you are experiencing. Choose the team that has been trusted by the Southeast Michigan community for more than three decades.


Dome Repair Services


Whether your church or building dome needs minor repairs or a complete restoration, Detroit Steeplejack has the solution. All dome repair and restoration services are designed to achieve long-term remedies. The dome services that Detroit Steeplejack offers include:


  • Cracks and Joint Separation Repair – We will use our extensive experience to assess the damage and then provide remedies, including flexible expansion joints, base joint support modification, or simple crack repair.

  • Water Leaks – Water can find its way into even the smallest cracks in a church dome, turning a pesky problem into a substantial headache quickly. We will conduct a full assessment of the dome, identify any issues, and make a complete repair.

  • Dome Painting – Our unique and professional-grade paint systems can overcome the common challenges of access and adhesion when it comes to painting church domes.

  • Dome Maintenance – Just like with any building, appliance, or automobile, church and building domes need to be properly maintained to prolong their life and avoid potentially substantial problems down the road.

  • Inspection Services – Perhaps you are completely unaware of any issues with your dome—or have yet to trace the cause of an existing issue. The dome can be a particularly difficult and potentially dangerous part of the roof to inspect. Let our highly trained and professional team conduct a complete inspection of your dome so that you can rest assured that it is in tip-top shape.

  • Dismantling – We love domes. We hate to see them go. But if the time does come to dismantle your church dome, trust the Detroit Steeplejack team to do so with respect, care, and quality service.

  • Rope Access Repair – Detroit Steeplejack’s team has extensive rope access training which enables us to access and repair church domes without scaffolding, which can be costly, damaging, and even dangerous. Our techniques are designed to be the safest and most efficient—all while saving you money and protecting your architecture.


Experienced Steeplejacks


At Detroit Steeplejack, we love heights. For over 30 years, we have been dedicated to preserving historical church steeples, domes, and roofing with thorough, detailed repair services. Our experienced restoration professionals specialize in stone repair, architectural element creation, structural integrity repair, and many other roofing repairs.


Restoring or repairing church domes and steeples requires highly skilled and licensed steeplejacks who have been trained to take on the most challenging and dangerous issues. Detroit Steeplejack only employs professionals who are certified in rope access, fall safety, tower climbing, and steeplejack. But certifications are only half the story—our steeplejacks are also highly experienced in height and rope access abilities, a rare and challenging skill set. Every day we strive to continue refining and improving our skills so that Detroit Steeplejack remains the best church steeple and dome restoration service in Southeast Michigan.


Ultimately, our motivation is two-fold: a strong dedication to serving our community and an intrinsic love for architecturally significant historical masterpieces. We put our expertise to work every day to ensure that history is preserved, and the most beautiful buildings never lose their magnificence.

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